You can rent our halls! (if you meet the conditions)

Check the rental calendar for the availability!

Our scout halls consist of two buildings (see the photos). 
The first hall consists of 3 rooms. One of these contains a bar. These rooms can be combined to one big open space.
The second hall consists of two rooms excluding bathrooms.

Below there is a table with the contents of each hall. Below that there is a floor plan of both halls. The halls are situated perpendicular from one another with about 5 meters of distance between them.

Hall  1

Hall 2

Bathrooms1 X

  • Room 6 x 7 meter

1 X

  • Room 12 x 7 meter
  • Contains bulkheads to seperate patrol compartments

4 X

  • Toilet

1 X

  • Room 10 x 7 meter



2 X

  • Douche

1 X

  • Room 8 x 7 meter
  • Contains bar
  • Cold water
  • This room will not be rented out

1 X

  • Kitchen 4 x 7 meter
  • Cold/Hot water
  • Fridge
  • Combi microwave
  • Gas furnace

2 X

  • Smal sink cold/hot water





1 X

  • Big sink cold water


This accomodation will only be rented out to scout groups, schools and associations!!

Check the rental calendar for the availability!!

Rental conditions:

  • Accomodation is only rented out to scout groups, schools and associations.
  • On fridayevengings and saturdaymornings the halls are usually not rented out because of the use by our own scout association. Exceptions are made for long weekends such as whit sunday weekend, ascension weekend and during the summer breaks.
  • During the summer holidays the accomodation will only be rented out for full weeks. Arrival on saturday 13:00, departion at the latest saturday 12:00 unless otherwise discussed.
  • Outside of the summer holidays the accomodation can be rented per (part of) day.
  • The rented rooms including bathrooms and outside terrain are to be cleaned by the renter before the departion time. The dumpster may be filled, but any excess waste is to be taken away. This will be checked by a representative of our association. If the accomodation is cleaned insufficiently or there is excess waste a sum of €46 will be withheld from the deposit.
  • Any damages or losses to property, furniture or equipment will be fixed on behalf of the owner, and be payed by the renter.
  • It is not allowed to have open fires on the terrain without permission.
  • It is not allowed to enter the terrain with cars.
  • At departion from the halls the thermostat is set to 5ºC and all doors will be closed and locked. The fencing is also closed.
  • During summer holiday an option of at most a week can be requested. Any longer periods can be discussed in exceptional cases.
  • At final reservation 50% of the rent is to be paid in front. At cancellation of at last a month in advance 25% will be restituted.
  • Renting of the bar is possible from 25 people onward if there is at least 2 people available from our own association. Music can also be taken care of by our people.


Prices rental accomodation
Rental prices per week during summer holidays:

  • Price per person € 4,50 per night
  • Minimum of € 540,- per week  


Rental prices per week of part of week outside of summer holiday period

  • Price per persoon € 4,50 per night
  • Minimum of € 90,- per night c.q. € 540,- per week 


    All prices are excluding gas, water and electricity usage


Postal adress during rent period:

Scouting Andriessen

P/A van Glymesstraat 5

4751 HA Oud Gastel

for information mail to: verhuur(at)

A floorplan of our halls, the red areas are not rented out